How to Know If Someone Restricted You on Instagram

While using Instagram sometimes you suspect that you can no longer interact with other users like you used to, and it seems that you have been restricted, well in this guide we explore how to know if someone restricted you on Instagram.

Although there is no direct and definitive way, there are different ways to know if someone is restricting you.

Instagram in the last few years is upping its game when it comes to privacy features, due to pressure on the general population’s awareness of privacy online, by offering its users much more options on how they display and run their profiles.

So How to Know if Someone Restricted you on Instagram

One of the first things you can be sure of that you are restricted is that you can’t see their active status and when they were last active on the app, if you can’t then you are definitely restricted.

Check their Profile Picture

Can you check their profile picture? by clicking on it, if you can’t then you’re most likely restricted by them.

Send Them a Message

You can try sending them a DM, and see if you can get a reply.

This method will take some time, so you have to be patient with this.

If the user after a while doesn’t reply and he is active in his profile, then you are probably restricted.

Difference Between Blocked and Restricted on Instagram

A blocked account is different from a restricted one, and access to their account differs as well.

When you are blocked you can only access limited information on their profile, like the number of followers, following, and posts.

While a restricted user can still see all your posts, stories, and bio on your profile.

A blocked account will not be able to comment on someone’s posts while a restricted one can, but it can only be seen by the poster and the profile owner.


So in short to find out if a user is restricting your account on Instagram check these scenarios below:

  1. You have been blocked by them
  2. You can’t send them a message
  3. You can’t comment on their photos


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