How to Delete Messages on Reddit

Looking to learn how to delete messages on Reddit, you are in the right place.

Reddit is a social networking site where people share content like images, videos, links, news articles, etc.

This unique social media site doesn’t require any personal info to register, which provides anonymity to its users and encourages freedom of thought and speech. It was ranked the 19th most visited website worldwide by Alexa.

On the internet, where everyone has an opinion but no one knows who they are, there is a risk of offensive content, harassing behavior, or even online abuse. For example, if someone posts something anonymously, he might be able to say things he wouldn’t normally say. Also, if someone posts anonymously, she could get harassed by trolls.

Users vote for posts they think are good or bad. Posts with the highest number of votes appear first, whereas those with fewer votes appear last.

This step-by‑step guide helps you delete unnecessary messages from your email box in no-fuss fashion.

What are Reddit Messages?

As with other social media platforms, Reddit allows its users to send, receive and read private messages (PMs) conversations between each other.

Reddit’s Inbox is a place where people can send one another private emails. This feature allows them to communicate with each other without being seen by others. They can also see what other people do with their own posts and commentaries. Reddit also sends out notifications if someone interacts with your post or commentary.

You can only delete your own posts on Reddit. Therefore, the best way to send a message to another user is to be careful when posting on Reddit.

Reddit inboxes allow for easier communication and privacy because they’re only between two people, however, there may be some issues with spammers and offensive posts.

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to delete these comments, hang on!

Deleting a Message on Reddit

This step-by-step approach will help you delete messages from the Reddit desktop app and mobile apps.

Here are some basic tips for making your Reddit user account easier to use. Let’s get started!

Dealing With Email On Your Computer

  • Go to Reddit and log into your account.
  • Click on the sync automatically across devices. When you delete a conversation on one end, the changes are updated instantly on the other end. It is simpler to just clear the inbox from your computer. Deleting a sent mail won’t be visible on both sides of the chat and not only yourself. SummaryThe Reddit client does not allow deleting conversations in their official application, however, this can still be achieved in the browser of your cell phone.


If you’re new to Reddit, you may not know how to delete messages from your inbox on either a desktop computer or smartphone. We’ve explained how to do so here.

You can still delete messages from Reddit even if they’re not allowed in the official app.


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