Amazon Like Websites (Best Amazon Alternatives)

When it comes to online shopping, Amazon probably has the biggest selection of products, but does that mean you’ll always find the best offer? Unfortunately not. There are a number of alternative shopping websites available that may be able to provide you with better offers, prices, and deals than Amazon can.

Whether you’re looking for clothing, electronics, furniture, or something else entirely, there is likely an alternative website out there catering specifically to your needs. Here are some of the best websites like Amazon that offer great product variety and a cost-effective purchasing experience: Walmart, Best Buy, eBay, Target, Newegg, and Rakuten.

These sites oftentimes have discounted items that don’t appear on Amazon as well as unique promotional campaigns, discounts on already cheaper items, and features like loyalty programs that add even more value when doing business.

Best Amazon Alternatives

Are you looking for sites like Amazon but cheaper? Whether you’re still in search of good deals, bargain sites, and selling items or buying gifts, we have a great list of cheap sites like Amazon to get the best value for your money.

At times you may find products on some shopping websites that are much cheaper than what Amazon offers. Your buying experience doubles up when you’re getting more than what you paid for. Sometimes it is slightly used items and sometimes just attractively discounted products due to sales and promotions. Shopping at these popular online retailers are saving a ton of money as compared to buying directly from Amazon.

When it comes to online shopping, Amazon is the obvious choice. Not only does it offer an extensive selection of just about everything, but it also usually has some of the best prices out there. However, not everyone wants or needs to buy from Amazon — especially not with a budget in mind. Fortunately, there are a number of excellent alternatives to Amazon offering comparable products at lower prices, or specializing in things that you simply won’t find on the mega-retailer.

For anyone who’s looking for more value from their purchases, here are 10 sites like Amazon you should visit before buying from the giant retailer: Overstock, Wish, Ali Express, eBay Marketplace, and Newegg for electronics and clothing; Zappos for shoes; Jet for groceries; Thrive Market and Instacart for organic goods; Goodwills and The RealReal for second-hand goods.

1. Target

Target has implemented a number of customer-friendly features to make shopping hassle-free. The store offers competitive prices and an extra 5% off for REDCard holders, which can save shoppers up to $25 each month. Target also offers same-day delivery, in-store pickup, drive-through delivery, free next-day shipping, and free 2-day shipping when customers use their REDcard or spend over $35.

And harkening back to the era before Amazon dominated online retail, Target’s subscription option rivals Subscribe & Save with free shipping and special discounts for certain items. Additionally, the store gives back by donating 1% of purchases made with a REDcard to schools through their Take Charge of Education program.

2. Walmart

Walmart is a global store that offers everyday low prices and multiple convenient shopping options. It’s the largest retailer in the world, operating in 28 countries with 11,500 stores, 2.2 million employees, and an annual revenue of over $510 billion dollars. At Walmart, customers can shop online and have orders shipped to their local store for free.

Walmart also offers free two-day shipping on millions of items plus orders over $35. The company makes it easy for shoppers as it has sold out items from stores available through its website or app. By providing convenience and low prices, Wal Mart has become popular among consumers around the world.

3. eBay

eBay is a global e-commerce platform that connects buyers and sellers all over the world. It provides a convenient way for users to purchase items without having to leave their homes. On eBay, customers can find both new and used items – ranging from collectibles and antiques to clothing and electronics – as well as place bids on auctions.

One of eBay’s best features is that it allows sellers to set their own prices for used items, meaning that customers have more control over what they’re willing to pay for an item. Additionally, these same customers can also feel secure knowing that eBay offers Buyer Protection plans, which give them relief in case something goes wrong with their purchase or the seller fails to deliver on their promise.

4. Newegg

Newegg is an online retailer founded in 2001 that specializes in PC components and consumer electronics. It quickly gained a following of DIY enthusiasts and gamers who appreciated Newegg’s excellent service, large catalog of products, and competitive prices. With warehouses all around the globe, Newegg can ship to over 50 countries and offer customers overseas access to the same great deals they’d find at home.

One of Newegg’s best features is its price match guarantee; this means that customers can shop confidently knowing that they are getting the lowest possible price on every item available at the store. From CPUs to gaming PCs, Newegg has consistently offered some of the most competitive prices around for all types of computer peripherals and accessories. If you’re looking for great deals on technology products, then you should definitely check out what Newegg has to offer!

5. Zappos

As one of the world’s most popular online retailers, Zappos specializes in selling shoes, clothing and accessories. It is a subsidiary of Amazon that offers a rewards program to customers who frequently shop with the company. Aside from rewards, customers can also get expedited shipping for an extra cost or opt for free shipping and free returns in select locations.

What truly sets Zappos apart from its competition is its customer service. Zappos representatives are known for going above and beyond to meet customer demands, such as providing personalized product recommendations or creating special orders when possible. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellent customer service has earned the company numerous awards and millions of satisfied customers.

6. AliExpress

AliExpress is one of the most popular online marketplaces for shoppers looking for a bargain. It’s an international shopping website offering prices much lower than other online retailers like Amazon.

AliExpress sells clothes, electronics, pet products, beauty items, vehicle equipment, and home improvement products. Not only does it offer discounts on buying in bulk, but also no-hassle returns and a wide selection of payment options including PayPal. Shipping usually takes between 5 – 60 days (depending on the product) and customer service is available 24/7 via live chat or by email. All this means that buying on AliExpress can be more cost-effective if you’re patient with delivery times.

7. Overstock

Overstock is another excellent online shopping website similar to Amazon offering a variety of products from furniture to electronics. Overstock typically offers great deals on its wide selection of products, but shipping costs can add up quickly. To alleviate this, purchases totaling over $45 ship for free, and those under cost only $4.95 in shipping. A Club O membership offers additional benefits such as free shipping, exclusive rewards points for use towards future purchases, price matching against other stores, and savings of up to 45%. So if you’re looking for a deal on that perfect piece of furniture or an upgrade to your home entertainment system, make sure you head on over to Overstock!

8. Barnes & Noble

One of the largest bookstores in the world, Barnes & Noble offers an extensive selection of books to choose from. With reliable shipping and amazing discounts, you’ll be able to find whatever you’re looking for with ease. Free shipping is available on orders over $35 and members get 20% off their first purchase. Members also receive 10% discounts in-store plus free shipping with no minimum purchase required. When it comes to finding great books at bargain prices, Barnes & Noble is your go-to source.

What Sites Offer Services Like Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a yearly subscription service offered by the retail giant Amazon. It provides features such as free two-day shipping and discounted orders, along with many other additional perks. Competitors have jumped into the fray to offer similar subscription services, including Google Express, ShopRunner, NewEgg Premier, and

To find out more about Amazon Prime competitors and their respective services and pricing plans, readers can check out this article for an in-depth comparison of these services. From student discounts to return policies to extra rewards points, all the important details are compared head-to-head in order to decide which service is right for you.

Alternatives to Amazon for Selling Your Stuff

Are you looking for alternatives to Amazon for selling your items? With Amazon’s growing dominance in the eCommerce space, it can be difficult to compete with them on their turf. Luckily, there are a lot of other great options out there that offer additional features that make it easier and more lucrative to increase sales numbers.

Many online marketplaces offer customer reviews as well as shipping and returns policies which may entice shoppers and encourage repeat customers. Popular alternatives to Amazon include Etsy, eBay, Walmart Marketplace, and All of these sites have features that make choosing them over the retail behemoth an attractive option for sellers.

Furthermore, eCommerce sites such as Shopify allow entrepreneurs to create their own web stores where they can curate their own content and design their store from top to bottom without having to worry about competing against established businesses such as Amazon or Walmart.

1. OfferUp

Offer Up is an online local marketplace app that makes buying and selling easy. It allows sellers to quickly post items for sale in less than 30 seconds, from iPads to prom dresses. Buyers can make offers or ask questions through the app and if the seller accepts their offer, they can arrange a time to meet to complete the transaction with no online payment system needed.

Compared to selling on eBay or Craigslist, OfferUp’s streamlined process helps both buyers and sellers save time by eliminating the need for long email chains. The app also works hard to verify users and provide secure transactions which help boost customer confidence.

2. Bonanza

Bonanza is one of the smaller alternatives to Etsy, and it could be a good choice if you want to start selling online without having to invest much time or money upfront. It’s an e-commerce platform that caters across a broad range of categories, with less competition than Amazon. So if you’re looking for a place where your product can stand out from the rest, Bonanza can provide an attractive opportunity.

Part of what makes Bonanza attractive—besides its broad reach—is how easy it is to use: sellers can list their items for free and don’t have to pay anything until they make a sale.

In this way, it works a lot like eBay, but with fewer buyers and more independence for small businesses that may not have the resources or technology of some bigger platforms. Vacation rental owners who want to rent out their properties on a short-term basis might find this platform especially useful.

3. eCrater

eCrater is an online marketplace for customers to buy and sell goods in a variety of product categories. It also provides a free web store-building service for its users, allowing them to set up their own stores on the platform without any upfront fees or monthly costs.

The site makes it easy for e-commerce sellers to get started quickly, by allowing for the importation of eBay products and the submission of items to Google Shopping. Its unique feature is that it facilitates international sales—whereby customers can purchase goods from other countries—without any extra cost or processing.

In addition, eCrater has an in-built payment system and offers free customer support as well as a range of marketing tools to help promote sales. The site charges no commission or listing fees and only collects payments when merchants’ products are sold.

How to Save Money on Sites like Amazon

With Amazon Prime, shoppers have access to discounts, free two-day shipping, and other benefits for an annual fee. However, the proliferation of membership plans from Amazon’s competitors means that there are now plenty of attractive alternatives. Walmart +, Target RedCard, and Wish Plus are some of the membership programs that offer discount prices, special sales, or free two-day shipping options.

In addition to these programs, there are a number of online retailers that offer low prices on goods as well as free or expedited shipping. Researching product prices on different sites can help shoppers save money compared to shopping on Amazon.

It’s worth shopping around and doing the necessary research in order to find the best deal on whatever you’re looking for. By taking the time to do comparison shopping across various websites, consumers can compare prices in order to decide where their hard-earned dollars will get them the most bang for their buck.


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