What Does Instagram User Means

You are using Instagram and you are seeing “Instagram User”, in the DMs lists but can’t figure out what that means and why it is there instead of the actual username and what user is behind it.

Well in this short guide we explain what does the “Instagram User” message mean.

The straightforward explanation is that Instagram is changing the username with a blank profile photo and generic username “Instagram user” because the actual is no longer available on Instagram.

There are many reasons why the user is no longer available which we will go through in this article.

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What Does “Instagram User” Mean?

There are two reasons for the Instagram user message, it means either they deleted their account, or they have blocked you.

The person’s name will change to “Instagram User”

If blocked you won’t be able to see their username or be able to view their posts.

And their profile image would be blank

This is done by Instagram to keep people’s privacy from users they choose to block.

Does “Instagram user” Means you are Blocked?

Yes, Instagram user message can mean that the person has blocked you, but that is not the only reason.

Because it can also mean that person has deleted their account.

In the case of being blocked, you will not be able to view their profile, check their posts or stories or message them.

Because their information will not be visible to you like their username, profile picture, or name.

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The User Has Deleted Their Account

When someone you have interacted with before deletes their Instagram profile, you will not be able to view their profile instead it displays the Instagram user instead of the person’s name

You can still view the chat history and send them a message but they will not receive it since their account no longer exists.

“We are unable to process your request due to a technical error. Please try again later.”

Instagram Has Banned Their Account

Another reason for the account deletion is that maybe they have been banned by Instagram for breaking whatever rule.

So you can’t really be sure whether they deleted their account voluntarily or have been banned by Instagram.

The company stated that most of the accounts were found to violate its terms of use. These include spamming, sharing copyrighted material, posting inappropriate images, and impersonating others.

While the majority of the accounts were removed because they violated the terms of use, the company says that some accounts were permanently banned due to repeated violations.

Temporarily Deactivated Their Account

Another reason might be that the person has deactivated their account temporarily instead of deleting it completely.

Which is a good option to take a break from the social network or social media platforms in general.

In this case, the same message appears “Instagram user” but you can still send them messages, but they won’t be delivered until they reactivate their account.

They can always reactivate the account later. their posts and comments are still there.

How to Identify the Person Behind the “Instagram user”?

To find out who the “Instagram user” is, you need to go through your direct messages. If someone sends you a DM, it’s likely you can identify that person from the chat history you have with them.


So in short the “Instagram user” doesn’t mean just that they have been blocked.

Because it could also mean that the person has deactivated their account temporarily for whatever reason.

Or could be that their account has been banned for violating the terms of use. These include spamming, sharing copyrighted material, posting inappropriate images, or impersonating others.


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