Skillshare Free Trial (Get 3 Months Skillshare for Free)

Skillshare is one of the best online learning platforms out there. You can learn anything from photography to web design to coding. But did you know that you could get three months of unlimited classes for free just by signing up for a free account? I didn’t either, but it turns out that you can.

How to get 3 months free on Skillshare

All you have to do is sign up for a free account. Then, go to the homepage and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click on the link called “Get Started Free.” This will take you to a screen where you can choose how long you want to give the site a try. 

Once you’re done, you’ll receive an email letting you know that you’ve been signed up for a free trial. Now, you can start taking classes for free.

If you decide that you don’t like what Skillshare has to offer, you can simply cancel your subscription. However, canceling will mean losing access to all the classes that you took during your free trial period. So, make sure that you really want to cancel your membership before doing so.

Does Skillshare have a free trial?

Skillshare offers a free 30-day trial, allowing you to explore the site without having to commit to a paid membership. 

This is a great way to see what the site has to offer, and it allows you to decide whether or not you want to pay for a premium account. You can sign up here.

How to use Skillshare’s free trial?

Skillshare offers a free 30-day trial period where you can explore their library of classes and learn how to make money online. You don’t even need to sign up for anything else. Just go to and start learning today.

How Does Skillshare Free Trial Work?

Skillshare offers a free 30-day trial where you can try out some of their most popular courses for free. You don’t even need to sign up to use it. After the free trial expires, there is no obligation to continue paying. If you decide to keep the subscription active, you’ll receive monthly emails about what’s coming next.

The best part about Skillshare is that it’s a place where you can learn anything. Whether you’re looking to improve your skillset in photography, programming, or music production, Skillshare has something for everyone. 

They offer thousands of different classes taught by experts in their respective fields.

Here are just a few of the best apps for learning that you can download during your free trial:


• Adobe Lightroom – $19.99/month ($249 value)

• Photoshop CC 2018 – $29.99/month ($399 value)

• Photography Fundamentals – $9.99/month ($99 value)

Skillshare compared to other course platforms

There are many different courses available via Skillshare. Some are free, while others cost money. Students can choose whether to pay per month or per class. They can also earn points for completing assignments or tests.

So, Is Skillshare worth it?

Skillshare is one of the most popular platforms for sharing skills and knowledge. People use it to learn everything from coding to writing to photography. It’s like YouTube for education. But do you know what else Skillshare offers? 

Free classes. 

Lots of them. And some of those classes are pretty good. I took a class called How To Make A Website From Scratch With HTML & CSS. It was awesome. So, is Skillshare worth signing up for? Let’s take a look.

The Bottom Line

Skillshare is a membership site where you pay $10 per month to access thousands of classes taught by experts in different fields. Some of those classes include how to cook, how to build websites, how to write better emails, how to take better photos, how to play guitar, how to speak Spanish, how to draw, how to code, how to make money online, how to start a blog, how to become a graphic designer and many more.


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