The Dark Side of Instagram: How to Protect Your Mental Health and Stay Safe on Instagram

Nowadays, Instagram is considered one of the most fantastic social media platforms. This platform has undoubtedly made our lives easier by offering incredible services and high-quality communication possibilities.

One hundred years ago, people had a hard time communicating with one another. Sending a letter to someone from the other side of the planet was almost impossible! It took them weeks and months to receive an answer.

What would happen if you could travel back in time and tell your ancestors that with just one click, you can speak to someone from across the ocean and receive an answer in less than a minute? They would probably laugh at you. But today, thanks to social media platforms like Instagram, we don’t have to worry about communication.

Instagram is a virtual universe. You can watch your favorite celebrities go live and feel closer to them. You can access stories that let you know how your friends are doing.

I was thinking about all of these incredible possibilities the other day. It suddenly occurred to me that no good thing ever comes for free. So, what is the price we pay?

The rise of depression and anxiety in Instagram users is very concerning. So, Is our mental health in danger? Is this the price we pay to use this so-called perfect platform? What is the connection, indeed? 

If you have these questions and are curious about what this platform does to your brain, you have come to the right place. Today’s blog will discuss how Instagram impacts our mental health.

How Does Instagram Impact Your Mental Health?

Does Instagram Impact Your Mental Health

There has been quite a lot of research on the connection between Instagram and mental health, which has led to dangerous results. Also, Many users have been interviewed to describe their Instagram experience so psychologists could develop comprehensive proof.

By understanding how Instagram could damage your mental -and in many cases physical- health, you will learn how to protect yourself from getting hurt.

Instagram Influence On Self-worth

Have you ever seen someone’s Instagram profile and wished your life was as perfect as theirs? Or wished you were as pretty as them?

Instagram gives you these ideologies that should not be an ideology in the first place. Beauty standards and a specific body image all force you to hide your true self to fit in and to be seen.

It makes you hate your body, your style, and basically, your entire existence just because you haven’t reached Instagram’s stupid standards. This is when you think the number of your followers represents your value.

That is wrong and highly unhealthy. You should remember that nobody is flawless, and you are beautiful when you accept your identity instead of changing it. 

Because the number of your followers does not represent your worth, and the number of likes you received for a specific post does not measure your beauty.

Instagram And Anxiety

Think of the pressure this constant need for perfection puts on your shoulders. The fear of missing out and not being enough could lead to significant anxiety issues and panic attacks.

Especially for younger users from 10 to 15, it is crucial for parents to control their actions on an Instagram account. It is mainly advised to ban Instagram until your child is 18 or mature enough to understand the harm.

Teenagers are more exposed to the risk of depression and anxiety due to their puberty, and Instagram is not going to make it any easier. Therefore, teenagers should be educated about different exercises to reduce their stress and control their anxiety while dealing with different social media platforms. 

But this is not just about teenagers. This toxic environment eventually reshapes your character. So, you have to set rules and boundaries to protect your mental health.

Instagram Algorithms

Thankfully, Instagram’s new algorithms provide you with the content you prefer. For example, if you are into cooking and follow famous chefs, Instagram would suggest accounts and posts related to cooking. And you can clearly see it in your explore feed. 

Do not worry if you see content you don’t like. You can simply tap “not interested,” and Instagram will understand.

How To Have a Better Relationship With Instagram

At this point, you are probably thinking, what is next? Should we uninstall this platform and start writing letters like people did 100 years ago?

It should not be forgotten that Instagram can be the best thing that has ever happened to humankind and the worst thing at the same time. It all depends on the way we use it and the way we think.

By setting some rules and following a healthy routine, you can have the best experience using this platform.

Follow the kind of content that teaches you something, communicate with the people with whom you can have deep and meaningful conversations, do not judge someone’s life by just one picture, don’t let the beauty standards change the way you look at yourself, and last but not least, always put your mental health first.


The consequences of constantly being exposed to these so-called perfect lives on Instagram are depression, terrible body image, etc. 

The reason for this is that we have not learned how to use social media platforms like Instagram. We haven’t learned how to protect our mental health.

However, there is always time to stop the war. Instagram is not the enemy. In fact, I believe Instagram has made our lives much more exciting and more effortless in many ways. But a good thing could become a bad thing if you do not use it the right way. 

To put it another way, assume you are visiting another city for vacation, and even though you have never been there, you don’t bring a map.

Of course, you will need help. You may even end up in places that put your safety in danger. Maybe someone steals your money, or you get a disease.

If you had a map, this wouldn’t have happened. You missed out on all the beautiful and fun parts of the city, and what could have been the most fabulous vacation ever turned into a nightmare.

So, from now on, make sure you shelter your mental health from harm by following straightforward steps.


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