5 Convenient Technology Gadgets to Have

There are many tech gadgets out there nowadays some are very useful and necessary and some are useless or unnecessary or serve a very small purpose.

In this list below we share 5 convenient gadgets in today’s world.

1. Paper Shredder

Do we take for granted the common shredder? Do you remember how you used to dispose of important documents before using the shredder? Did you just toss important old documents in the trash? This paper shredder is quite common in today’s society. Abbott August Low invented the paper shredder and patented it on February 2, 1909, according to Wikipedia the free encyclopedia.

2. Talk For Free Service (Voice-over-Internet Protocol Service)

How many of you use Skype or ooVoo (the internet telephone) to chat on your computer? Now you can opt to have it on your television. How neat is that? This is a free service that you can see your relatives or friends face to face when both of you have that service on your computer. You can screen your calls so that if you are watching your favorite television show, you can choose whether to take the call at that time. It is available on your mobile phone also. Note that for the television you need to have a Skype-ready Blu-ray player and TV webcam. You also need a broadband connection.

Although this is a great service, if there are times when you are in your pajamas or lingerie, you might not want to use it. You can use it free on Face book too. I really like it for talking to relatives that live in and out of town. It is a free face-to-face chat.

3. The Water Pebble

For those environmentally conscious, this pebble sits on the floor of your shower and monitors the water going down the drain. It monitors the time of your shower so that each time you shower it is flashing green to start, amber to let you know that you are hallway though, and red to let you know to turn off the water and get out. Eventually, it times it less and less so that you are saving energy.

4. Breathing Exerciser

You can use this breathing exercise machine daily. According to Sharperimage.com, this exerciser works your respiratory muscles when you inhale. It reduces the shortness of breath caused by asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema.

5. Pet Tracker

This Pet Tracker is a GPS tracker for your dog or your cat. This is a great way to track your pet should it leave your home unexpectedly. You can receive directions and a map on your computer. Your pet can run, dig, jump or swim with this device. So have no fear if your animal decides to roam outside of the perimeters.

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