5 Best AI Writing Software in 2023

There are many AI writing software in the market today, and we seem to hear about a new one every now and then, but what are the best ones, the established ones, to try and pick for your blogging business, this is what this article is answering.

What is the Best AI Writing Software?

Here is a short list of our top recommendations:

1. Jasper

The most popular choice right now by the number of traffic they get, well because it is the best AI writing software overall and it is easy to recommend as the first choice.

It does everything an ai assistant should do efficiently and effortlessly from generating blog post outlines, paragraphs, product descriptions, and more (Over 50 templates to choose from).

Jasper Pricing

Jasper has 3 plans Starter, Boss Mode, and Business, and this mainly differs by the number of words you can generate.

Starter: for hobbyists and people looking to get started and test the software, It Costs $49/month with support for +20 languages, and +50 templates but no Compose button or Commands.

Boss Mode: This is for serious bloggers and content marketers, Costs $99/month you can generate up to 100,000 words, it has everything in the Starter plan + Compose and Commands, Maximum content lookback (for better consistent output)

Business: This is the custom plan for large businesses, and it depends on how much content your business needs.

2. CopyAI

Copy.ai Homepage

We’re living in a golden age of AI. Artificial Intelligence bots are now able to write news articles, answer questions, and even beat humans at Go. And while there’s no doubt that technology like this is here to stay, one thing that still eludes us is how we’ll communicate with each other in the future.

Will we use speech recognition software to talk to Siri and Alexa? Or maybe we’ll simply send text messages to each other. Either way, the future holds many exciting possibilities, but what about today? How can we harness the power of AI to improve our lives today?

That’s where CopyAI comes in. This startup wants to make sure that everyone has access to quality content creation, whether you’re looking to publish something yourself or hire someone else to do it for you. So, what exactly does CopyAI offer? Let’s find out.


  • Free version membership. CopyAI offers a completely free but limited version, Unlike most other AI writing software.
  • CopyAI supports over 25 different languages. That’s awesome because it means you can easily talk to people who speak other languages. You can also translate your website into any language you want.
  • Over 100 ready templates! There is a lot of great stuff to choose from. You’ll find a variety of templates to help you get started. Each one comes with step-by-step instructions so you can easily follow along.
  • Long-form content editor. Long-form content is an essential feature of any big ai writing software, which makes it easy to write long blog posts that search engines likes.
  • Easy to use. The overall user experience of CopyAI is great.

3. Frase

Frase is an awesome all-around content optimization and ai writing tool, that

Helps you research, write, and optimize high-quality SEO content in minutes instead of hours.


You can compare it to what Surfer SEO does in term of content optimization, but also help you generate long-form content and other short-form content, like the rest of ai writing software does.

Frase differs in that in addition to the typical templates their also community-created templates for different purposes, like Listicle With Paragraphs, Conclusion Generator, Paragraphs From Scratch, and many more all maintained by the community members. (you can create your own too)

Frase SEO Tools

In addition to AI tools, Frase offers a few SEO tools like Google Search Console Content Analytics, which allows you to analyze your content performance after integrating the search console into your Frase account, It is a much more helpful way of using the Google search console right where you produce your content.

4. Rytr

Rytr.me review
Rytr’s homepage

One of the most popular ai copyrighting apps, with over 3 million users (hard to imagine), Rytr was of the early players and surely gained popularity with its great pricing and features.

The website is super fast and responsive, with a clean design that is easy to use and offers a dark theme for knight owls (highly appreciated).

Rytr’s slogan is to write better and faster while saving time and money. this sounds ideal and appealing, while the tool is decent overall, the quality of the AI output could be the deal breaker. 


  • Free Plan (10k Characters) Rytr offers a great free plan for anyone willing to test their service, you can generate up to 10k characters per month.
  • Support for +30 Languages
  • Support for +40 use cases (Templates), new templates are added regularly, see the full list of use cases.
  • Support Various Editing Processes, while writing you can Expand, Shorten, Rephrase, Append Paragraphs, Continue Ryting, Plagiarism, and Format Readability Score.

Rytr Pricing

Rytr has an uncommonly affordable and simple pricing plan for AI writer software, starting at $9/month for the Saver Plan to $29/month for the Unlimited Plan

Rytr Pricing Plans

5. Writesonic

Writesonic makes it easy for entrepreneurs, e-commerce stores, and marketers to write better high-converting content.

Writesonic is one of the most powerful content creation tools available today. With it, you can easily generate quality content like blog posts, articles, email copies, landing pages, sales letters, product descriptions, webinar scripts, and many others.

Writesonic has a free plan where you can do up to 5,000 words per month. If you want to use it full-time, you can upgrade to the Pro version for $29/per month. This allows you to run unlimited campaigns and generate unlimited content.

The tool is very easy to use. Just enter your keywords and select the language you wish to work in. Then simply add some text into the box above and hit Generate. You can even choose a template if you don’t know how to start.

You can view the preview of what you’re about to publish, edit it, save it, and repeat it over again. There are no limits to the number of times you can reuse the same piece of content.

There are three pricing plans: Free, Professional, and Agency. For each plan, there are different features included.


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