What is a Blog & Blogging in 2023

Blogs are very popular these days because they provide an opportunity to write about anything. But still, a lot of people wonder what is a blog exactly.

Blogs have been around since 1999 but their popularity has grown exponentially over time with more people starting to use them as mediums to express themselves online. 

They can be used by anyone who wants to share something or create content that others want to read.

So why are there so many questions surrounding blogs? Are blogs just another website like any other site on the internet?

Should you consider becoming a blogger?

What is a Blog?

A blog (also known as a weblog) is simply one type of website where users can post entries.

The name “Blog” comes from the abbreviation of web log which was first coined back when bloggers were using dial-up modems rather than broadband connections.

Back then, typing long passages into text-based pages took forever! Nowadays, most folks tend to talk about “content management systems” (CMS), such as WordPress or Tumblr, but let’s stick with the basics.

A blog consists of multiple posts, sometimes called Blog Posts, and written by individuals called authors. Each entry or article usually contains information related to a certain topic or subject matter.

It could contain personal thoughts, opinions, advice, commentary, links, etc. Bloggers often refer to this kind of writing as “articles”.

You may also see entries referred to as articles, updates, news, notes, comments, etc. depending on your preferences or the particular platform/website you’re using to access the blog.

There are several types of blogs including general ones, fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs, food blogs, tech blogs, travel blogs, etc. If you are looking to start such blogs see our guide on how to start a blog.

What is the Difference between Blogs and Websites?

As mentioned earlier, blogs consist of individual writings whereas sites consist of static pages created for specific purposes.

Sites are generally designed to serve a purpose such as providing useful information, products, or services for visitors. They typically include navigation menus, images, videos, audio files, social media buttons, contact forms, shopping carts, comment fields, and more.

Most sites do not offer interactive features such as polls, quizzes, questionnaires, forums, chatrooms, RSS feeds, podcasting, photo albums, or video uploads.

On top of all that, blogs are much easier to set up compared to websites. This is mainly due to the fact that creating a blog requires less technical expertise and programming knowledge.

So now you know what blogs and websites are. The next step would probably be asking yourself whether you’d benefit from being a blogger or if you need to start a new blog altogether. Read on to find out why people choose to become a writer and discover 5 reasons why blogging is beneficial for everyone.

Examples of Blogs

There are millions of active blogs across thousands of topics and niches. Popular categories range from health & fitness, business, parenting, technology, entertainment, music, sports, politics, finance, design, photography, pets, DIY projects, cooking, crafts, dating, and much more.

What is Blogging?

Becoming a blogger isn’t easy. Even though blogs seem pretty straightforward, running one takes dedication, patience, persistence, perseverance, consistency, commitment, and plenty of other qualities and characteristics.

Anyone who thinks they can sit down and create a great piece of content in under 2 minutes flat is sorely mistaken.

Writing is a skill that takes practice and patience. Unless you enjoy doing things over and over again, blogging is likely going to bore you eventually.

However, once you get past those initial hurdles, blogging offers endless possibilities for earning income via various methods like display ads and affiliate links.

Plus, having your own space where you control every aspect of its content gives you the freedom to say whatever you want whenever you want.

No boss breathing down your neck demanding changes or edits. That’s why blogging is an excellent way to earn extra money on the side. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our guide on how to make money blogging.

What is the Point of Blogging

Below is a list of 6 main perks to blogging that you might want to keep in mind.

1. It Provides a Creative Outlet

Many times when we think about sharing our talents, visions, abilities, passions, and dreams with others, we hesitate due to fear of rejection.

By setting up a blog, you gain confidence knowing that no one else knows better than you what you love and desire.

Once you begin publishing content regularly, you realize your voice is unique and valuable. You can finally be authentic and honest without worrying about sounding silly or stupid. Don’t forget to follow your heart too. Your passion is worth pursuing regardless of the outcome.

2. You get Paid to Fulfill your Dream

If you already spend countless hours dreaming about your future accomplishments, achievements, successes, and happiness, blogging allows you to turn those fantasies into reality.

Once you establish a strong base of followers, companies, organizations, brands, and advertisers seek your opinion and input regarding product development, policy creation, advertising campaigns, and more.

Allowing you to get compensated financially for helping businesses achieve greater visibility among consumers adds value to your efforts.

3. It Helps Build Credibility

Having a blog shows professionalism. Readers appreciate hearing from experts and professionals more than from amateurs.

People trust established voices more than unknown sources. And yes, the same goes for businesses. Businesses prefer to deal with someone who they believe is capable of delivering results versus a random newcomer hoping to break into the industry.

Building credibility is essential for establishing authority within a community or niche. Since blogs require consistent posting, frequent interaction, and engagement, people assume you must be knowledgeable and experienced in the field.

4. It Improves SEO Rankings

Search engine optimization plays a huge role in boosting traffic for both blogs and websites alike.

But unlike static websites, blogs update automatically based on user activity, meaning search engines index them faster and more frequently. This means a higher page ranking for relevant keywords which leads to increased organic traffic.

More targeted clicks mean more profit which translates into financial security for both bloggers and entrepreneurs alike.

5. It Boosts Productivity

Studies show employees are more productive when allowed to focus on tasks that challenge them personally and creatively. Blogging forces you to grow mentally and emotionally.

Writers produce high-quality material when they aren’t worried about deadlines, word count, or pleasing superiors. Similarly, salespeople experience similar levels of motivation and performance when they face obstacles and challenges. Learning to overcome self-doubt, facing fears, and pushing boundaries are incredibly empowering. Not to mention, it builds character.

6. It Promotes Healthy Competition

Competition is a powerful motivator. We strive harder when faced with difficult odds. Likewise, when you’re trying to compete against others, you push yourself beyond your limits while simultaneously encouraging them to reach higher heights as well. Thus, competing with others does double duty for improving your strengths and weaknesses while building resilience.

Is Blogging for you?

Before diving headfirst into writing your own blog, ask yourself the following questions to determine if it’s right for you.

Do you have interesting stories to tell? Do you have a talent or hobby you wish to showcase? Can you relate to others’ struggles and triumphs? If so, blogging may be perfect for you.

Simply put, blogs are a form of expression. Write about your passion, hobbies, concerns, goals, frustrations, desires, and hopes. Share insights and wisdom gained from your personal and professional life.


In conclusion, a blog is a website where you post articles and information that others can read online. A blog allows you to share your thoughts and ideas with anyone around the world, and it gives you the freedom to write whatever you like without worrying about being censored.

Best of all, blogs are easy to create nowadays.


Zach is a long-time Web developer and designer as a profession and blogs as a hobby, writing about Web Design, WordPress, Blogging, and Technology.

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