3 Online Tools for Better Blogging in 2023

There are a lot of blogs on the Internet…like a lot. Let me actually get you the actual number here, one sec.

According to Ahrefs blogging stats of 2023, there are around 600 million blogs on the Internet.

Considering that there are this many of them, it’s naturally easy to believe how tough of a competition all these blogs create. To get an edge in this competition, you need to make sure that your blogging routine is primed and optimized with the best tools and practices available.

In this post, we will take a look at three tools that you can use for better blogging in 2023.

3 Online Tools to Use for Better Blogging

Here is a list of online tools that you can use to enhance your blogging endeavors.

1. Rephrase

Rephrase.info is a popular online paraphrasing tool that you can use for free on the Internet. It is based on AI algorithms, due to which it is able to make smart and intelligent changes to the provided content.

Let’s take a look at some of the features that this tool provides:

  1. Multiple Modes: In this department, i.e., providing multiple modes, Rephrase does pretty well. There are a total of five modes that you can use. But, of these five, only two can be used by free users. To get full access to all of the modes, you have to buy one of the paid plans. The names of the modes are as follows:
    • a. Fluency
    • b. Standard
    • c. Creative
    • d. Smart
    • e. Format
  2. Multiple languages: With Rephrase, you can choose from a list of different languages. If you want to, say, paraphrase something in Spanish, you can select it from the menu. The same goes for any other supported lingo.
  3. Download outputs: When you use Rephrase to paraphrase your content, the output is provided in the right-side box. You can download the output to your device if you don’t want to use it instantly elsewhere.

How to Use This Tool for Blogging?

While this tool is great and all, you could be a little confused as to what role it plays in blogging. Let’s discuss that now.

First of all, Rephrase can be a great help when you want to improve the flow of your content. There can be times when you struggle the get the words just right, and that is where Rephrase can give you a helping hand. Take the following example:

Secondly, Rephrase can also be useful when you want to reword a particular piece of text to remove accidental plagiarism from it. In other words, when there are any sentences or passages in your content that match content existing elsewhere on other sources, you can reword them. That way, there won’t remain any semblance between the two contents, and there won’t be any problem with plagiarism.

And last but not least, Rephrase can be helpful when you want to make your content look professional. We say this about this tool in particular since it comes with a “Formal” mode that aims to make the provided text look crisper and more formal.

2. Grammar Check

Grammar Check is yet another excellent tool that you can use for better blogging. As the name indicates, it’s a grammar-checking tool that can find and fix the grammar/punctuation/spelling errors in your content.

We’ll talk about how this tool can help you in better blogging in a minute. For now, let’s take a look at some of its features.

  1. File uploading feature: Thanks to the file uploading feature, you can fetch documents from your local storage, which can save you the need to copy the content and then paste it into the input box.
  2. Multiple languages available: As is the case with Rephrase, you can select from multiple languages when using this tool. There are a total of five languages that you can select, which include Spanish, French, Dutch, etc.
  3. Provides Resolve All option: Going to each error one by one and then correcting them can be time-consuming. To save you from this hassle, Grammar Check provides an easy Resolve All option that you can use to collectively fix all the errors in a single click. You can find this option at the top right corner of the text box.
  4. Provides explanations for the errors: When Grammar Check points out the errors in the content, it also provides an explanation for them. This can be useful since you will be able to find out the reasons behind the errors, which will help you avoid them in the future.

How is This Tool Useful for Blogging?

Now let’s talk about how this tool can be useful for blogging.

There is pretty much one single way in which this tool can be helpful for blogging. It can help you remove grammatical and spelling errors from your content, which can subsequently make it look more professional.

As is the case with Rephrase, there is no multi-faceted utility that this tool provides. But the one function it does perform is very pivotal. Grammatical perfection is essential in a piece of content, and it is one of the main factors that describe its quality.
In a nutshell, Grammar Check can be helpful for bloggers since it allows them to make their content free from grammatical and spelling errors.

3. Check-Plagiarism

Check-Plagiarism is a plagiarism detector that can find out the percentage of uniqueness and plagiarism in your content. Like the others we’ve mentioned so far on this list, it is a free-to-access tool. As a free member, you can use this tool as much as you want without signing up as long as your inputs are within the stipulated 1,000-word limit.

Let’s take a look at some of the main features that you can enjoy with this tool:

  1. Multiple importing options: When you want to import your content for checking plagiarism, this tool offers different methods that you can use. You can either upload a file directly from your local storage, copy-paste text from a source or type it directly.
  2. Exclude URL option: Check-Plagiarism provides an option that you can use to exclude a particular URL from getting included in the check. For example, if you want to check whether a certain post is published on a page other than its host blog, you can use the exclude URL option.
  3. Download reports: Other than helping you find plagiarism in your content, Check-Plagiarism also lets you download the report in PDF format. This can be helpful if you ever want to show proof of your document’s originality or if you simply want to save the report for future reference.
  4. Exact URLs of matched sources: When the plagiarism check is complete, the tool points out the sources from which the content matches and it also provides the exact URLs for the same. This can help you if you want to accredit those sources using citations.

How Can This Tool Help in Blogging?

Here are some ways in which this tool can be helpful for blogging.

For starters, using Check-Plagiarism on your content before finalizing it can help you ensure its uniqueness. In the blogging world, plagiarism can bring about various types of consequences for the publishing website. The consequences can range from site de-ranking to total de-indexing. To make sure that this doesn’t happen to your website, you can use Check-Plagiarism before finalizing your content.

Secondly, Check-Plagiarism can be useful for bloggers by helping them easily create citations. While we did mention how the tool provides URLs that can later be used for creating citations, there is an option to do the same thing using an existing option.


There is a lot of stuff that you have to do while blogging, and there are likewise a lot of tools that you can use to get help. In this post, we’ve looked at three such tools that you can use. The best thing about the mentioned tools is that they are free to access, and they can be used promptly without any registration or anything.


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