Ahrefs Free Trial in 2023 & Other Alternatives

Does Ahrefs offer a free trial in 2023? in this post will find out the details. The quick answer is, that Ahrefs no longer offer a free trial account,

But they used to offer a 7 days trial of full access for $7

They canceled that offer somewhere in 2020, maybe due to the abuse and people signing multiple times just to get another 7 days trial.

Ahrefs Old Pricing and Trial Plan

Ahrefs old pricing table in 2020 as seen in Archive.org

The trial plan was a great way to get a taste of the power that Ahrefs gives you, especially for keyword research and competitive analysis.

Ahrefs Current Pricing

Ahrefs only lists paid plans now, starting from $99 up to $999

Ahrefs Free Trial Alternative

The best SEO tool that is comparable and most of the time compared to Ahrefs is without a doubt Semrush, read more about Semrush free trial.

Try Semrush for 30 days

Not only does Semrush offers a free trial but they offer full 30 days of access

Plus Semrush is the direct competitor to Ahrefs and most SEOs either use one or the other because they mostly have similar functionality, while Ahrefs has a larger backlinks index and Semrush offers more PPCs (Pay Per Click) data and tools


Ahrefs sadly no longer gives new users the chance to try their platform without paying full price in advance, but you have to admit Ahrefs is a very decent all-around SEO tool used by a large number of SEO professionals, Ahrefs offers many free SEO tools to get a taste of its power.

FAQ About Ahrefs Trial

Does Ahrefs offer a free trial?

No, Ahrefs no longer offers a trial plan account, it used to offer a 7 days trial plan for $7, but they have canceled it.

Does Ahrefs provide coupon codes?

No, Ahrefs does not offer coupons, and they have fixed plans pricing starting from $99 up to $999


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